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I have been ridiculously busy with final year essays, presentations and the dreaded applications for graduate schemes and post-university working life. Literally, so busy. I have barely even used any of my cameras- not even my Lumix. My photo albums of the past 3 months consist of a mere 40 photos. JUST 40! Shocking, I know! Feel my pain! To make it even worse, I managed to take my DSLR for a walkabout a couple of weeks ago, but I sensed and felt a lack of bond between myelf and my camera. Memory Blank.  This is what happens after 3 months of no photography with the DSLR.  I am sincrely ashamed of myself. What is happening!???!

To make up for the lack of blogs and photo uploads, I'm hoping to blog again sometime next week (have a number of essay deadlines so that gives me some 'free' time). When I do, I will be uploading a few photos of Paris, which I took when I lived there, and which I rediscovered recently when flicking through past photographs.

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