So, in my history seminar this week, the tutor put us in several groups and asked us to draw up a list of whom we considered to be our top ten historical figures. The results were interesting. Figures included the obvious; Steve Jobs and "Facebook Guy"(Mark Zuckerberg) and the 'more historical' including the clichés: Hitler, Nasser, Gandhi, Osama Bin Laden, Thatcher, Martin Luther King, Jesus, Augustus and Charles Darwin. 

Anyway, I began to think later on, and wondered....why oh why did I never think of Cicero or Joseph Nicéphore Niépice? Cicero because I have a strange interest in him after reading Pro Milone in Latin. As for Nicéphore Niépice, well that's obvious. (And for those who have no idea who he is, GOOGLE him! He's one of the inventors of photography and took the first photograph! It would be wrong to say without him there would be no such thing as the camera but he is an important step towards today's photography(earlier ideas had been conceived. e.g. I think Mo Di, Euclid and Aristotle described the pinhole camera in the 4th century?). 

Here's that famous first photograph by Niépice though:

My question that I wanted to ask was how would you portray Fear as an emotion in photography? Made me wonder as it's an emotion so dominant in a final-year student's life that it would be interesting to capture. When I have the time, I want to capture it in black and white monochrome as I think it's the best form in visual arts for emotions. 

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