*Watch this space*

So I seem to be going off an a serious tangent with these posts recently, don't ask why. I have no idea why! 
The snow has finally arrived in Surrey. Finally. Took a long time for that to happen.

I have some exciting things planned concerning photography though. I THINK I am getting a Diana F+ (cue the 'YAY's), though I'm not entirely sure which one (there are so many to choose from). I feel like a child who has just discovered the tooth fairy! 
On another note, I will be selling some of my photographs through a small company, but I am yet to print off the contract, sign it and hand it over. Well at least that is some motivation for me to get over these darn essays and whatnot. 

There is something else, which is even more exciting than anything else but all I can say is watch this space. They are both fashion-related but I am a believer of bad luck and so I won't mention anymore of it until everything is finalised, just in case I jinx it ....

All right, it's 04:45am, I should really get some sleep. Needed to get the above info off my shoulders. I am filled with so much excitement, I haven't really told anyone, but now it's out in the open!

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