Tim Walker: The Man Who Creates Fairy Tales

I am back; temporarily that is. I need a medium to let off some steam. I seem to have forgotten how stressful exams can be. So, I have decided to do a post on Tim Walker, the man for dreams and escapism. One of my four favourite photographers. 

After looking through my albums of photographs by others, I realised how much I love his work. His photos are works of art, no doubt about that. The colours, the locations, the brightness; they all contribute to an imaginary Tim Burton-esque world. Everything is so dreamy.Take a few minutes and just sit and look through these images. The lighting, the textures, the colours, the ability for the foreign elements to appear natural within the settings. *sigh.* I'm off to look through some more Tim Walker photography, and perhaps a little bit of something different, Herbs Ritts.

And, I leave you with one of my favourite Tim Walker quotes:

"I know the world that I am painting is not a reality. It is a whim, an entertainment to provoke something in people, whether as escapism or relief. I think that is very valid."

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