Herb Ritts: The natural form

Herb Ritts, Digital Journal
I am a great admirer of Cindy Crawford. She has aged with such tremendous beauty over the years and is a role model for many women as she demonstrates the ability to be both mother and businesswoman. When I 'liked' her Facebook page, I noticed she often uploads photographs of herself, taken by a certain Herb Ritts. This got me intrigued and so I one day took the time to begin my exploration of the photographic world that belonged to Herb Ritts.

Now what I can say? Herb Ritts' photography has a signature look. Black and white portraits were most definitely his signature style. Arguably, his models appeared to imitate the style of classical ancient Greek sculptures. Images of toned male and female bodies posing in such manners that a rythmn appears truly make the photographs stand out. The fabrics seem organic and appear like water flowing. Women and men appear in their most natural states. These photographs remind me of a recent article in The Sunday Times Magazine where the question was put forward as to when have we Brits become so prudish in regards to (and I quote) 'boobs.'

What I find even more fascinating, is his literal use of black and white colours.Take the last photograph in this slide. A caucasian woman dressed in a black dress with the rest of the fabric structurally flowing around her, set against a white background. This is in fact my favourite photograph by Ritts; the echo of the feminine curves on her back made by the fabric, the contrast of the curves set by the black and white colours, the use of shadows on her neck etc. There is, to an extent, symmetry throughout the image. And, it is beautiful.

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