Being A 'Live-in' London Tourist

Starbucks. Costa Coffee. Prezzo. Pizza Express.

These were a few places that gradually came to form the typical places for rendez-vous with friends, until one day I became apathetic towards the existence of such places. A few of my friends decidedly formed a pact that almost every time we met up, we would meet in either an area of London that we didn't know so well, or/and eat at a place that was new to us. It has been a truly interesting experience and we have learned so much about London; little things, that you might expect a born and bred Londoner to know. For example, walking from Waterloo to Liverpool Street really doesn't take that long! More importantly, I am really beginning to discover the food world that exist in London, and I haven't even needed to dig deep into the city to find them!

Photography-wise, I have increasingly observed the difference between London at night and London during the day. The views, colours  and angles of everything that determines London changes as the sun rises and the sun sets.

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