Photography Is Coming To Town: Current Exhibitions in London

Currently, in London, there is a significantly large number of photography exhibitions being showcased. Of course, the moment I heard about many of them, I jumped up from my seat in utter excitement. Photography exerts a force over its audience, encapsulating the past, the present and summating continuously 'sensitive' themes like feminism, antiquity, modernity and consumerism. Moreover, photography is a powerful device that attracts large audiences due to its immediacy, which makes it a perfect artistic tool when in a politically, socially or economically sensitive area. The well-known Brazilian film, Cidade de Deus ('City of God'), does well in highlighting this with the use of one of the protagonists  being hired as a photographer for a journalist as he lives in the Cidade de Deus suburb, in Rio de Janeiro, which is arguably both economically, socially and politically depraved.  

Returning to the current exhibitions in London, many are the first major exhibitions on their subject matter.

I've drawn up a list of some of the exhibitions that grabbed my attention: 

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