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 After a relentlessly long and mediocre (yet much needed) summer, I started the LPC a month ago (the LPC is a qualification I need to become a lawyer), and, most recently a job. 

Both are going really well. It's my job that really inspired me to write this post (the post's title alludes to the name of where I work!). I'm not going to delve into any detail as to what it entails, but I really like it, though the perfectionist in me has been attempting to claw its way to the surface whilst I've been working on a team project the past two weeks! You have no idea how hard it is to stifle!

So, for this project we've been working on, I walked around the City and Shoreditch, and took a few photos. 

My aim was to bring out the vibe of the area, through bold hues and bright lights. I hope that comes across well.

My favourite image is of Fashion Street. I love this street. I have walked past it so often before when going to Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane, and have always wanted to photograph it. I find the graffiti on the wall full of so much artistic inspiration. So when I walked past it with the camera, I just thought carpe camera!

In fact, I have a piece of stretched canvas and have been looking for some inspiration, something to base a mixed-media piece of work on. And, I think I have got it! Now I need to buy some Mod Podge and some more acrylic paint...

Mara xx

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