Ice-skating, sashimi and ice-cream

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to get tickets from Time Out for the opening night of the ice rink at the Natural History Museum. With two tickets in hand, it wasn't a question of whether or not to go, but rather who to take!

Talia and I collected the tickets, got our ice-skates and hit the ice rink. Silly me forgot that you can leave your bags in the cloakroom. So I didn't bring my SLR thinking that if I bought it on the ice-rink and fell, my whole life would be over! I brought my standard LUMIX digital camera instead, which doesn't exactly create the best quality images but oh well...

I played around with the camera, and took a few photographs with the aim of creating that ever-so recognisable wintery feel. 


   Ice skating was super fun. We had some lengthy chit-chats whilst circling round the rink, semi-racing each other, and before we knew it, the 50 minutes ice-skating session was up.


Afterwards, we went over to the King's Road for some sashimi (I've been craving sushi for so long) and ice-cream at Amorino. It was a bit of an odd combo given how cold the night was, but then Amorino does have great chocolate sorbet, and who can say no to that?

Alors, the night all in all great (plus neither of us fell over whilst ice-skating) and I'd definitely recommend going to the Natural History Museum's Ice Rink. 

I'm off to find some new music for my next gym workout. 

Mara xx

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