Procrastination through photos

I have an exam tomorrow (heaven knows why I'm writing this!) so I'll make this is as short as possible.

I'm so close to finishing the first half of the LPC; the last few months have been insanely busy. I never realised putting a part-time job in the mix would create a busy life. I'm actually really glad I have this job. It's quite interesting, and refreshing, giving me a much needed break from law-student woes. Plus in the context of my path to entering the law world, it is providing me with some much-needed "commercial awareness" (that much-hated phrase of the century, used by law-firm graduate recruiters in the UK).

Enough of all this law information, I'm not writing this to make a bore of myself!

Here's a few photography exhibitions I'm dying to visit after my exams end:

Terry O'Neill: The Best of
A mixture of images of  actors and politicians (including Nelson Mandela) by Terry O'Neill. It's running at The Little Black Gallery in Chelsea. I love this place. It's a lovely small,  boutique gallery that creates the perfect environment to really spend time with the images in the exhibitions.  I'm always looking for the photographs they have on sale too!
Running until 01 March 2014. 

Andy Warhol: Photographs 1976-1987

When most of us think of Andy Warhol, the first thing we often associate with him is pop art. In case you didn't already know, he did photograph too so this exhibition looks great to see a different side of Warhol. Also, he used black & white in his photographs, which is obviously different to the bold colours in his pop art work.
Open at The Photographers' Gallery, running until 30 March 2014.

Back to revision for me now!

Mara xx

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