My Vitamin Supps Routine

I have a short post for you today. It's all about the vitamins I take and why you should take them.*

There are so many minerals and vitamin supplements on the shelves these days I think it can be difficult to decide whether you actually need them and if you do, which one(s) to take. It doesn't help that there is a lot of debate as to whether certain vitamins are just the ingredients for expensive wee (to rephrase Sheldon Cooper).

The first place to look at vitamins is your diet. We can get all our vitamins from leafy greens and other foods, but the next step is then to look at the supps (supplements). 

The ones I take are Cod Liver Oil, Magnesium and vitamin B6. For women, in particular, these are really important. Centrum Performance is a sports multivitamin I am going to take when my magnesium and B6 bottle runs out this month.

A lot of research has found that cod liver oil is full of benefits from repairing hair, skin, nails and teeth to preventing coronary artery disease and alleviating the symptoms of arthritis. It comes in the form of a swallowable capsule or liquid. I won't lie, the liquid form is not very nice and both the capsule and liquid-form smell fishy (hold your nose when you open the bottle)! 

Magnesium and vitamin B6 are the other two I take. For women, these are really important vitamins to take especially if you get PMS and/or painful periods. I don't think either of these vitamins get the recognition they need, but these honestly might be the answer if you've ever wondered how to alleviate those horrible time-of-the-month pains. 

Magnesium is also great to take as it is needed for healthy muscle and nerve function. 

Again, vitamin B6 helps to maintain the hormone balance in the body.

You usually find magnesium and vitamin B6 sold as tablets containing the two together, but you can buy them separately, although I have noticed magnesium can be more expensive to buy- does anyone know why? I've asked at Boots and the staff had no idea.

Having taken magnesium and B6 for the past 5 months or so, I have noticed a lot of differences in myself. For starters, I am less moody and far more calmer. Even when I am stressed I don't feel like my head is going to implode. My mum and others have themselves noticed this difference so I definitely don't think that this is a placebo-effect. 

Another thing is that when it does come to that Time of the month, my period pains are no way near as painful as before. Usually I just want to curl up in bed with a hot water bottle and gorge on chocolate. The past few months I have felt a lot better and my chocolate intake has massively reduced.

As it's getting colder, and winter is quickly approaching, I am considering taking vitamin C supps though I want to research this before I make any decision.

If you're at university or college (I know a lot of you are in America), these vitamins are something you should consider adding because I know that your diet may not exactly be the best during those years. But don't take these as a replacement to food, these supplement your diet.  

You can buy vitamins from a pharmacy, like Boots or Superdrugs, a sports nutrition shop, like GNC, or a health shop, like Holland & Barrett.

Store your vitamins in a dark and cool place and take with water rather coffee or tea as the caffeine in them can cancel out all the benefits (which means you're just wasting your money). Also, don't double your doses if you forgot to take the supps. 

Do you take any of these vitamins or additional ones? Let me know and drop a comment or tweet me

Mara xxx

*Talk to a pharmacist or doctor if you want to take vitamins and are not sure about which ones you should consider.

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