The Marathon Training Diaries: Week 1

This year I gave myself the goal of completing 10 races as I toyed with the idea of completing a marathon next year. Whilst I have been running for two years now, it's only this year that I really threw myself into race world as I no longer have law school commitments.

After running several half marathons this year, I can tell you that I am hooked on running that distance; despite often struggling between16-18.5km of the distance, despite the next-day soreness.

The whole process of mini rituals to keep me feeling good before the races is all a part of it. From my carb-loading meal of preference (farfalle, tuna, capers and mixed peppers) to my lucky pair of Puma socks, wearing a specific sports bra to drinking water with Nuun tabs during the race.

And now, if you haven't seen my twitter, I'm running my first marathon in 2016. I didn't get a place for the London Marathon so I decided that if I were to run a marathon I would do it outside of England (really it's just an excuse for a holiday). I wasn't too keen on entering yet another ballot and I wanted to go to a country that I hadn't been to before.

Through a lot of evenings googling European marathons, I narrowed it down and registered for the Haspa Hamburg Marathon (registration is still open).

For my training, I am basing my plan on one of the popular marathon training guides by Hal Higdon. But, I am tweaking it to fit in with daily plans. For example, the plan states Saturday as the long run day, and Sunday for Crosstraining. This isn't compatible with me so I will be swapping the two around. Also, the plan covers 18 weeks but because I haven't been running since August, I wanted to ease myself back into the game. The extra weeks will just be repeating the first few weeks of the plan. I know there will be days where I miss a run, but my main priority is that I don't miss the long runs.

Week One:

Monday:  Plan states 3 mile run. I didn't run today but instead went to the induction session for Speedflex, which I will be reviewing next week. There'll be more on this another day.

Tuesday: Plan states 3 mile run. I didn't run today. I met up with a friend from law school, who I haven't seen in a year (she lives abroad). It was such a nice evening as we all caught up over Thai food at Patara followed by the most delicious hot chocolate I've had in a long, long time at Said in Soho.

Wednesday:  Plan states 3 mile run: I completed this run and the Battlebells class at Gymbox. This class incorporates kettlebells and battleropes along with exercises, like push ups and squats. I realised afterwards that I made the mistake of not doing the run first. Running first followed by strength work is a much better  tactic. Lesson learnt!

Thursday: 3 mile run completed.

Friday: This is meant to be a rest day but I didn't feel like I needed the rest. Maybe as I move further and further into the plan I will use the rest day more often. So, the evening was spent at the bar. More specifically the Gymbox bar at the Game Day Ready and Movember classes. The first is a high intensity class whilst the latter is more skill-based for pull ups. Whilst I have previously enjoyed these classes, for various reasons I've decided I no longer will be going to them.

Saturday: 6 mile run completed.

Sunday: Plan states cross training. I  was meant to run West Run London 10k but I woke up with a fever and couldn't make it. I was gutted.

Once every four weeks I'll update you with my marathon training: how I'm progressing, what I am struggling with, what parts of the training I liked and disliked and any gadgets that are really helping.

If you have any tips for me, or any questions about running half marathon distances, don't forget to write a comment below or tweet me.

Mara xxx

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