Sweet Life Chocolate, Boy: The British Heart Foundation #Dechox Challenge

Soul Control were right about one thing when they made a song about chocolate: Everybody in the world likes chocolate and everybody wants a choco-latté!

This is the situation: It's a lazy Saturday night at home. I'm watching a film with my siblings whilst we're huddled on the sofa, sharing/fighting/tugging over the blanket. The fire is on. It's a cosy, lazy Saturday night. Film food of choice: dunking rice cakes into a bowl of melted, dark chocolate. The best film food at home, especially when the rice cakes are dripping with liquid chocolate.

Pure indulgence.

Pure indulgence that should be eaten in small doses. Towards the end of last year, when I wanted to achieve my lean-and-mean goal, I received some tailored nutritional advice, which has  helped in reducing my body fat percentage. One of the pieces of advice I was given was to reduce my peanut butter and chocolate intake. The shock. The horrror. A spoonful of peanut butter makes the medicine go down! And to eat chocolate for work-day snacking (aka medicinal purposes) and for 'recreational' purposes was the way to go.

 Reducing chocolate was, and still is, very hard. I don't smoke, but reducing my chocolate intake is the nearest way I can understand how smokers feel when quitting smoking! You don't understand how much you love and eat chocolate until it's restricted!

With that in mind let's talk about Dechox. This March, the British Heart Foundation is launching the #Dechox campaign. The challenge is to give up chocolate for the month of March to raise money for life-saving heart research. If you're wondering how to cope without chocolate, the BHF have put together a survival kit, which includes tips on how to combat those chocolate cravings.

It's a light-hearted campaign, with lots of British humour, aptly named Chocolate 
Orange Is The New Black. Watch the campaign video below and if that tickles your fancy, sign up is easy if you follow the link here . 

Join me as I attempt to fully give up chocolate for March and give chocolate the finger.

Mara xxx

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