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The Fit Londoner is run by Mara, who thrives on the motto "life begins at the end of your comfort zone." I believe in stepping out of your comfort zones, challenging your expectations of yourself or what people have of you and pushing your boundaries to see what you can achieve.

The Fit Londoner wants to encourage more people across all ethnicities to take part in sports and fitness and for more brands in the fitness industry to be more colourful in their range of models. 

I love working with brands and am open to working on content partnerships and ambassadorships with brands or attending relevant events. To say 'hi', or to discuss working with me, send me an email here.


  1. Hi Mara

    I'd like to invite you to an event I'm working on at the moment as it may be of interest, it's with a food brand.

    If you'd like further details please contact lindsay.meade@finncomms.com

    Many thanks, Lindsay

  2. Hi Mara,

    Are you interested in collaborating. Please contact me info@organicaromas.com



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  4. Hi Mara - would you like to be interviewed for the next issue of Queen's Today? Contact me asap if you would. jbaker@qcl.org.uk