August 2015

Maintaining The Energy: Part 2

I thought I would give you an update as to how my lean ‘n’ mean goal is coming along as we’re now over half way through the year. My body fat percentage has significantly reduced, which in real terms has meant that both my dress size and bra size have gone down (cue the cheers!). My bra size especially has gone down several times in the past few months. I know, I know a lot of women would love to have bigger busts, but for me itrestricts me in so many ways. The list is too long so I won’t go down that path right now….  

The one thing I have found is that going to work and regularly exercising is having a slight toll on me. There are days when I’ve returned home, had dinner and then fallen asleep. I am just so tired. And, there’s only so much that coffee can do.    

I have been trying a variety of ways to keep up my energy and most of them seem to be working.    Increasing vitamin B by eating a variety of green vegetables, brown rice and eggs more often. Having eggs in my weekend breakfasts are now a firm fixture. I’m exploring different eggs-ellent recipes and playing with food a lot more.

   I’m also increasing my magnesium intake as a lack of magnesium can cause tiredness. One of my favourite mid afternoon snacks is nut butter spread on a banana or a sliced red apple. Try this, if you haven’t. I promise you, you will love it. I usually feel more energised over the afternoon when I eat this.

Eating green vegetables is a hearty way of getting the magnesium. Several months ago I started to meal prep my lunches. I tried doing meal prep a number of ways. I first tried the method that most people seem to use; prepping seven boxes on Sunday evening. I didn’t like this way as apart from it taking up a lot of space in the fridge, I also got bored of what I was eating by Wednesday.

Another way I tried, which is working for me, is deciding on the type of lunch I will have that week and prep the base of it on Sunday. For example, last Sunday I cooked brown rice and grilled chicken for the week and each day put something different with each lunch. So Monday I had tahini, yoghurt and peas alongside the chicken and rice. Another day I had spinach, brown rice and chicken with a tomato salsa I had made a few days ago.

Spinach is a big part of lunches and is proving to help reduce my tiredness. You can buy this lunch box in TK Maxx and Sainsbury.

When you’re at work, you’re only drinking coffee or tea (or both) as a way to power you through the day so you lose that appreciation towards the two.  That’s why I tend to avoid drinking either during work. Instead, I drink a lot of water.

If I have a sugar craving, Teapigs’ Peppermint and Liqorice tea hits the spot. The peppermint is so powerful and the liqourice just wakes you up because it’s so unexpectedly delicious. An utterly refreshing tea. My exception to my no-teabag rule.

    Mara xxx

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