June 2015

Maintaining the Energy: The Power Superfood Smoothie

Summer is officially here, which means it’s time for me to dust off my use my smoothie maker. I absolutely love smoothies, but I prefer to drink them in the summer. Creating new smoothies is something I love to do, and I have created a smoothie that is really helping to maintain high energy levels in the summer.  

I have found that going to work and exercising does leave me tired. Generally,  I sleep well but despite that I sometimes feel lethargic and fatigued during the day. This smoothie is packed full of a few of my favourite things, and is helping me to keep fresh-faced and more awake during the day.


  • Spinach: as much as you like. I used 3 handfuls
  • Almond milk: 2 cups but add more if you like your smoothies thinner
  • 1 Scoop of Nutri Advanced Superfood: use the scooper that comes with the tub
  • 2 Strawberries
  • 1/2 Mango: preferably Alphonso
  • Handful of chia seeds

To make the smoothie, blend the spinach with the milk. Then add in all the other ingredients and blend again until it’s the consistency you like.

Top the smoothie with sliced strawberries and a sprinkling of Nutri Advanced Superfood and chia seeds. Drink up!

Nutri Advanced provide natural and herbal vitamin supplements. Most of their products are specialist nutritional supplements, which cover a variety of different areas with the aim of improving your health. Some of these areas cover Everyday Health, Joints, Bones & Muscle, Women’s Health and Cardiovascular Health. As I said, the range the supplements cover is huge, and Nutri Advanced have over 130 specialist supplements. They can be found in independent health shops, Health Professionals as well as directly from their website.

Nutri Advanced Superfood comes in a large tub with a small scooper. It’s a blend of antioxidants, including goji berry and acai berry as well as green foods including spirulina, chlorella and spinach. There’s also live bacteria and digestive enzymes packed into this blend of supergoodness. Don’t worry, it doesn’t look like something out of a science lab!

The green foods in the blend help with energy, whilst the live baceria and enzymes assist in digestive health. Whilst I can’t tell if my digestive health has changed since taking the Superfood blend, I have noticed that my energy levels stay higher for much longer.

Nutri Advanced advise to mix the Superfood blend with water, but I personally found it tasted far too sweet and the strawberry & kiwi flavour wasn’t to my liking with the water. That’s why I decided to put the superfood blend in different things. The smoothie is absolute heaven and the taste of the Superfood blend is ever so light.

You can put the Superfood blend in all sorts. I’ve put it in my morning porridge (half a teaspoon) and also made energy balls with it.   Try the smoothie and let me know what you think of it. Let’s keep our energy levels to infinity and beyond.  

Mara xxx

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