August 2016

My Fitness Bucket List

What do we want to achieve? What can we achieve when we set our minds on it?  

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about challenges and what I would love to do to push myself out of my comfort zone, to question my boundaries and capabilities. My mind has been buzzing with so many ideas, I thought I’d share with you a few challenges I’d put on a fitness bucket list.  

Do a handstand

Yes….I put my hands up and admit I can’t do a handstand. Someone teach me.   

Physique Competition

Taking part in a physique competition is something I’ve toyed with for such a long time. It seems so much harder than marathon training, but despite the hanger, the results afterwards look amazing. If I may say so myself, I think I’d look pretty daymn good with a physique comp-ready booty.    If anything, what’s stopping me is wearing an itsy bitsy bikini and high heels on stage. I just have this feeling that I would be that person who would experience a major, major wardrobe malfunction or trip over as I do the T-pose or stage walk, falling flat on my face. Imagining it right now. It’s not pretty.  

Crossfit Box

Joining a Crossfit box would be amazing. I love incorporating Crossfit elements into my training and I think I would really benefit from a Crossfit box.   

I guess what’s stopping me is the price. I don’t know about outside London, but in London, the prices just feel so unreasonable. If I could pay £70 a month for membership that included Crossfit AND a gym like Gymbox then I would go for it!   

Ultra Marathon

I feel like now I’ve conquered running a marathon, I wonder whether my body would be able to deal with an ultra. 

Technically, an ultra marathon is a race longer than a marathon, but from what I’ve read, many ultra runners consider a ‘real’ ultra as one that’s any distance over 100 miles. According to what I’ve read, a lot of ultra runners eat pizza during their training and during the actual ultra. So…where do I sign up?  

Run Marathons in the Good For Age category

This is the dream. To say I’ve run a race in the Good For Age category is the ultimate ambition for me in my marathon goals (besides completing at least one of the World Marathon Majors). This is partly why I’m hoping to achieve a sub-4 in my next marathon.  

IronMan Triathlon

Triathlons consist of running, swimming and cycling. I’m good at the running part….less so on the swimming and cycling. What really attracts me to the IronMan Triathlon 70.3 in particular is that it looks so ridiculously gruelling and challenging. The pain you put your body through seems so worth it, especially as you can truly call yourself an Iron(Wo)Man. Also, I’m thinking about all the food I’d  be eating afterwards……yeap, post-workout food is a source of excitement for me. Burrito, anyone?   I don’t own a bike, but I’m thinking that if I buy one next year then there is a possibility of training for the triathlon next year. The cost of triathlons astounds me. All the equipment you need for each element makes it very, very pricey. It does put me off a little bit…. But then, to have completed IronMan justifies it….  

Prudential Ride London

Notice a pattern in my fitness bucket list yet? There’s something about putting my legs through hell that I love the sound of. I seem to lean towards endurance events, even though I weirdly prefer my sessions in the gym more than anything else.   

If I could conquer 100 miles of cycling in Prudential Ride London, it would be proof to myself that I have the confidence to ride a bike. And, if I can do that, well, I could possibly conquer the IronMan Triathlon…so my trail of logic (is it?) tells me.    

Must buy a bike. Must buy a bike. Must buy a bike.   Are any of these on your fitness bucket list? What’s on your fitness bucket list? Who knows, I may just end up adding it onto my never-ending bucket list.   

Mara xxx