June 2015

My Summer Workout Playlist: The New Songs Edit

Continuing on with the posts on my music for workouts, today is all about new songs both loving in general, and working out to. As ever, there’s a red herring song that isn’t quite new. Kudos if you spot it!

Miguel: Coffee. I can’t even tell you how much I am in love with Miguel at the moment. Completely crushing on him like a secondary-school fangirl. This song during a warm up is perfect.

Jason Derulo: Want to Want Me. 

FallOut Boy: Uma Thurman

Rixton: We All Want The Same Thing.To transmit you between warm up and the start of a workout. Is it me or does it sound like he’s singing “we all want champagne”?

Walk The Moon: Shut Up and Dance. The video is cringe-worthily cheesy, but it’s great to get you in the zone.

Major Lazer ft. Ellie Goulding: Powerful. Get your energy with this song. It’s not really a song to workout to during a HIIT session, but rather a slow-paced session. Maybe listen to this when using the StairMaster or winding down a workout or run.

Everything Everything: Regret. This is one of the most played songs on my playlist. The steady beat makes it really easy to do a boxing-based session. I love this song for long, steady runs as well.

Enter Shikari: Torn Apart. Play this on full volume. Loud as can be.

Lost Frequencies: Are You With Me.

Circa Waves: Stuck In My Teeth. I don’t know what it is about this song, but I can’t listen to it during a gym session. Durin a long run however, is a different story…

Years and Years: Shine.
David Zowie: House Every Weekend. Have your own party.

Flo Rida ft. Robin Thicke: I Don’t Like It, I Love It.

Taylor Swift: Bad Blood. Your testosterone levels are going to shrivel, but so what? #GirlPower.

Taylor Swift: Blank Space. I’m not going to lie. A few of my friends are having issues with boys at the moment, and Taylor Swift just understands our pain. Great song to get over your boy-related issues in a sweaty gym session.

Justin Timberlake: Sexy Back.

What’s your favourite songs?

Mara xxx

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