June 2016

Relaxation: The Days When You Just Need To Unwind

In the lead up to Hamburg Marathon, I spent a lot of time not working out, particularly in the tapering period. It was the hardest thing to do because I just wanted to go out running or exercise; I felt that I would lose everything that I had worked so hard for otherwise. Apparently, it’s normal to experience this during tapering. So then I was left with a new feeling. What do I do with this new found spare time? Coincidentally, I was also quite busy from other parts of my life, meaning I was stressed out. I needed to relax. Relax? I don’t know about you, but for me, normally, popping on my trainers and going out for a long, slow run is my form of relaxation. I felt a bit lost. 

At this point, I decided that this was the perfect time to start working on my personal development. When you’ve arrived home after work or school, have a shower and change into some snuggly pjs. Lie on your bed and play a personal development podcast with an oil diffuser puffing out the scent of a therapeutic essential oil,  across your room. I discovered the ionic nebulising diffuser from Organic Aromas. It’s such a beautiful design and sits comfortably anywhere in your home. The very low humming sound it makes helps to relax as well as the changing LED light. I can imagine being beauty salon or spa, having a massage or other beauty treatment, and falling asleep with this diffuser. 

The Raindrop diffuser is art incorporated into design and function. When I’m not using it, I leave it on top of the fireplace. The simplicity of the design means it fits in well anywhere in the house. What I love about the diffuser is that it doesn’t use any water or heat and the way it has been designed means that the essential oil quickly diffuses into the room it is in. The scent is also long lasting. I find with oil burners and other diffusers, the scent from the oil goes away very quickly. 

Essential oils have different benefits, so it’s good to find one that matches the problem you want to solve. Lavender, for example, promotes relaxation and works to reduce stress. I just love the scent of lavender scent. It reminds me of summer holidays in the south of France, buying tiny pouches that were filled with lavender.

The Serenity essential oil blend is my favourite. Made from lavender, cedarwood, ylang ylang and lime, when put in the Raindrop diffuser, the scent is a gorgeously mellow but slightly citrusy scent that pulls you in. Whether you need to concentrate or drift off to sleep, this blend will help.

If you prefer sweeter and fruitier scents, the Signature oil blend is what you need.

With my oil difuser on, I play a personal development podcast. My favourite is currently Muscle with Mindset from transformation body coach Jamie Alderton. If there’s any podcast I’d recommend, it’s this one. He incorporates normal issues and relays them to fitness; one of my favourite podcasts he made is when he discusses the difference between being busy and being productive. You don’t have to have an interest in fitness to listen to his podcasts, though it might help. He’s articulate and inspires me in both fitness and non-fitness. Every time I unwind, I play his podcasts and feel more motivated each time.

What are your favourite essential oil scents?

Mara xxx

Organic Aromas sent me the Raindrop Diffuser, however all opinions are my own.