February 2016

Review: FitMiBODY, The New Shoreditch Fitness Studio

Shoreditch has quickly become a fitness hotspot in London over the past two years. Whether it is places for fit food, non-alcohol-serving bars, fit kit shops or fitness studios, you will find somewhere to fulfil your fitness desires.

Meet FitMiBODY, the new fitness studio to arrive in Shoreditch. Brand-spanking new, the smell of freshly-painted walls lingered across the studio. The studio is located in the basement of a building, a few minutes walk from Old Street station.

After I walked down the stairs into the studio, I was greeted at the reception and then shown around the studio. The reception was small but I thought that was a good idea, as the remaining area was successfully divided between the fitness studio, changing rooms and even a small courtyard! The intention for the courtyard is that on the sunnier days, activities like barbecues will take place.

But, back to fitness. FitMiBODY hold a range of classes, with each one focusing on two specific body parts. The class I went to focused on legs and shoulders. The idea is that if you wanted to visit FitMiBody every day of the week, it would be possible as you would be focusing on different body parts each day. On top of that, there are also boxing and restorative yoga classes, with the latter held on Sundays.

Each class holds a maximum of eight people. A nice, small number, meaning that it is easier for you to focus on technique, and equally easier for the the class instructors to spot any poor techniques.

The legs and shoulders class used a range of items, from a resistance band to dumb bells.   

One of the toughest exercises we did in the group was squatting in a circle, whilst one of us held out a kettle bell (whilst squatting) for 30 seconds. After each of us completed the 30 seconds, the kettle bell would be passed on to the next person for their turn. The burn in my legs was ridiculous!   Sprinting also took place. My time to shine, what with marathon training and 1 mile races I’m doing this year!   

Part of the aim of FitMiBODY is to provide structure and progress within its classes. Pricing and environment of one-to-one personal training can be both daunting and high for some, and FitMiBODY aims to make training accessible to everyone. They are also part of ClassPass, which is a great way to mix up your training by exploring different fitness studios across London. 

The studio offers the option of private personal training as well. If you struggle with meal prep and meal planning, FitMiBODY has an onsite expert who can help you with nutrition planning. Physiotherapy and sports massage are equally available onsite. This is great, especially if you’ve picked up a sports injury recently and want to be back in the lycra life, or your muscles feel tense from sitting at your desk all day.

Find out more: FitMiBODY

How much?: From £12 per class. Prices vary according to packages and private personal training.

Location: 22-24 Corsham Street. 5 minutes walk from Old Street Station.

Whose it for?: Everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or an athlete, this is for everyone. You will pick up different exercises, improve your technique and maybe make a new friend! Bring a friend for support if you want.

Have you visited FitMiBODY yet? What did you think about it? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Mara xxx

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