August 2015

The 6 Day Protein Bake Challenge: Day One

I have been set a challenge by Smart Protein. How I relish a challenge! The challenge is simple: three protein flavours, six days, six recipes. Over the next six days, each day I will be posting a different recipe I have created.

It’s been hot today. The sort of hot weather that makes you want to stay outside. And what makes hot weather even better? Ice (lolly), Ice (lolly), baby. In today’s post, I made a Matcha Tea and Vanilla Ice Lolly.      M

atcha Green Tea and Vanilla Ice Lollies:     

2 tsp Matcha 
1 tsp Honey
600g Greek Yoghurt
1 scoop Smart Protein Vanilla Whey  

1.  Mix 200g (or just less than 1 cup) of Greek yoghurt with the matcha. Add the honey and stir again.   
2. In another bowl, mix 400g (just over 1 cup), vanilla whey and a pinch of saffron.   
3. Spoon 1/3 of the Matcha greek yoghurt mix into each ice lolly cup.   
4. Spoon the Vanilla greek yoghurt mix on top of the Matcha mix to the top.   5. Put the sticks into each ice lolly holder. Then freeze.   
6. Run warm water onto the ice lolly cup to help loosen it. Voila, 

Quick tip: If you have any Vanilla Greek yoghurt mix left over, mix it with oats and top with fruit for a snack.       

Mara xxx        

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