November 2014

The Decléor Facial

Normally on my Rest Days from the gym I go out with friends and we shop until we drop, visit art galleries or eat. This time round, one rainy Thursday evening after work I treated myself to a facial at Decléor in House of Fraser. It was perfect timing, as those who read my blog know I broke out with a ginormous spot on my nose. It was clearing up but my skin needed that boost to hurry up and repair itself. Facials aren’t something I normally put in my monthly skincare routine, partly because there are so many places offering facials, it is difficult to navigate and find what you want. I booked it on a spur of the moment when I went to the London Fashion Night Out at House of Fraser. One of the Decléor ladies had cornered me and started talking to me about the facial, and I just thought ‘why not?’  

I didn’t know what to expect because I haven’t had a facial in such a long time, and previously when I’ve had them done they have been by independent beauticians, rather than a mainstream skincare brand.  

When I arrived, Kiera from Decléor greeted me and took me to the treatment room. It was a very peaceful setting; purple walls, a large cosy chair with Moroccan style lamps on the walls on a dim setting. The massage bed stood in the middle of the room beckoning me. We discussed whether I wanted a 30 minute or 1 hour facial and whether I wanted a facial and back massage or just the facial. I opted for the 1 hour facial purely because I’m going to hopefully book a physio for a sports massage.  

Kiera and I spoke about my skin type, my current skin concerns, my daily morning and evening facial routines and  any long term skin problems I had. This was so she could tailor the products she would use in my facial. How bespoke!   I then whipped off my top and slid under the seriously comfortable blanket. Kiera popped back into the room, put some fabric round the top of my forehead to prevent the facial products touching my hair and then turned on the music. It was so relaxing and soothing, so very hypnotising and dreamy. I closed my eyes and let the facial work its magic.  

The facial was fantastic. The scents from the different oils, balms and creams worked and merged really well together with the different massage techniques used. Put together, they created the most beautiful aromatic and therapeutic scents. As you know, I love using natural products, and I could really tell that these were essential oils and other natural products; they all felt and smelt natural and my skin felt increasingly fresh and hydrated.    1 hour whizzed away faster than I could say Decléor and before I knew, it was time to open my eyes and get back to real life and the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street.    After getting changed, I returned to the Decléor counter (ground floor in House of Fraser) and Kiera went through some of the products she had used during the facial, and what products I had really liked. I absolutely loved the Aroma Night Balm and Aromessence Marjolaine Nourishing Serum, due to the Myrrh (how Christmassy!) and Lavender.The serum also contains argon oil and avocado, which all significantly hydrate the skin.    It turns out my skin was a little dry (normal for this time of the year) so Kiera advised I buy one or both of those two I just mentioned. As it was my first time buying from Decléor I wanted to try one out so I bought the Aroma Night Balm.   

Decléor has a system for facials where the booking fee is £30, which is redeemable against one or two products. This makes it a great Christmas present, because at the end of the facial they can choose the skincare product that they want rather than you guessing what they might like.    When I looked at myself in the mirror after the facial I did notice it was softer, glowing and much more hydrated. Some of the girls who didn’t know I had had a facial also commented later on about my glowing skin, which made the facial feel more worthwhile. I had been warned by a friend about post-facial oily skin, but was surprised to find that even after a week, my skin was remarkably soft and refreshed looking and I hadn’t broken out in oily skin.    Now for the Neroli Essential Night Balm I bought. I’ve been using it a few weeks and have noticed a difference. After cleansing and toning, I then put the balm on. It is solidified but you take a little out with the spatula that comes with it and rub it in between your hands, which warms it up. A little does go a long way with this balm, which also means the tub is going to last me a long time!  

It does sink into your skin, and you will wake up the next morning with glowy and rehydrated skin. The scent might not be to everyone’s liking but I absolutely love it. This is one of the selling points for me, plus the fact it was used during my facial meant I already knew what to expect from it. The aromatic scent of the Neroli will also help you drift off to sleep  

So, if you’re looking for a facial to get ready for party season or for a Christmas present for a friend (or yourself), have a try at Decléor. Let me know how you like it!     

Mara xxx

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