December 2016

The Fit Londoner Covers: The Best Christmas Sales for all Your Fit Kit

trainers, sports bra, t shirt and leggings folded

It’s that time of the year again where you wander if those leggings you’ve been lusting over will finally make it into your new year’s fit kit wardrobe. The Fit Londoner loves the Christmas sales because this is when you can really find a good sale item.  

Black Friday may have only been round the corner but the post Christmas Day sales are where it’s at for The Fit Londoner. The new year is fast approaching and what better way to start the new year with a revamp and additions to your fit kit wardrobe?  

The Fit Londoner has scoured the web for the best Christmas sales in fit kit just for you .  

Happy Shopping!  

The one-stop shop for women and men for the full fit kit

Active in Style  Your one-stop sale for unique sports brands , covering tops, sports bras, leggings and shorts.   FigleavesFigleaves is known for its lingerie, but you can also find women’s activewear.

Gap If the thought of prices at Nike cause you to break out in a sweat, head over to Gap, whose activewear range is definitely underrated. Simple designs, perfect fittings, good quality and moisture wicking, Gap’s activewear range is suitable for the sweatiest to least sweatiest workouts. When I was at a Gap store recently, I noticed that a lot of their leggings and jackets were very similar to Nike. At half the price of Nike, if you’re looking for good quality Nike dupes, Gap is one to visit.  

Net-a-Porter  Find luxe sportswear tops, leggings, trainers, sports bras, shorts and swimwear for women.  

Nike No need for introduction to Nike’s sale. The Fit Londoner loves Nike t-shirts and shorts.  

Reebok The Fit Londoner is obsessed with Reebok’s leggings collections for men and women. The sale covers everything for clothes, trainers and accessories. Perfect for the Crossfit, OCR and general fitness fanatic.

Sports Edit Find your full fit kit for men and women. The Under Armour sale for men is on point and the women’s leggings sale ranges in some great styles.  

Sweaty Betty Sweaty Betty activewear is always on The Fit Londoner’s fit kit lust list. Find tops, bottoms, underwear and accessories in this Christmas’ Sweaty Betty sale.  

Wiggle In case you’ve never been here, Wiggle is the go-to-one-stop-shop for everything you need for running, swimming, cycling and triathlons for men and women. Covering everything you need from helmets, socks, tops to nutrition and accessories.  

Sports bras

Active in Style Find pretty sports at Active In Style’s sale. I’ve got large-ish boobs and find the Active in Style bras aren’t the most supportive for high impact sports, like running. For weight lifting the bras are fine.  

Boobydoo Your boobies are taken care of at Boobydoo. Shock Absorbers’ sports bras are The Fit Londoner’s favourite brand for high-inpact sports: Boobydoo’ sale focuses on Shock Absorbers.  

FigLeavesFind sports bras for all ranges of impact, sizes up to cup size I, non-wired or wired and non-padded or padded.  


Run and Become  – Based in Victoria, London, and with an online store, find all what you need for running in their sale. The best part of their in-store service, is that that their gait analysis service involves trying on trainers for an outdoor run, rather than running on a treadmill.  

Runners Need As with any other running-focused company, Runners’ Need’s products are more about function than pretty designs. The Fit Londoner loves Runners’ Need sales particularly for the winter jackets and accessories.  

The Running Works The Running Works is one of The Fit Londoner’s favourite independent running shops in London. Besides being a one-stop shop for all your running needs, the store also has a café, regularly hosts running –related talks, has an in-store physio service (who fixed The Fit Londoner’s runner’s knee issue during Hamburg Marathon training), runs running tours and hosts the annual, free London City Mile. 

  SportsShoes Whilst SportsShoes is similar to Wiggle in that it covers a range of sports, The Fit Londoner finds that Sports Shoes sell trainers quite often at some of the lowest prices around. 

Fit Kit Accessories

Sports watches If you missed out on a Garmin watch for Christmas, fear not. If you know exactly which Garmin (or other sports watch brand) you want, look on all the running stores’ websites and compare prices before you buy. Chances are you will probably find a brand new, unboxed Garmin on Ebay at a very decent price. The Fit Londoner waited after Christmas last year to buy her Garmin. The result was the purchase of a brand new, unboxed Garmin Forerunner 225 that was an unwanted Christmas present for a price much, much lower than in stores. One man’s junk is another’s treasure!   

Liquid Chalk The Fit Londoner loves My Protein’s liquid chalk for weight lifting – one bottle lasts a very long time and helps provide a good grip.  

Fat Gripz For improved grip strength, these are amazing. Part of My Protein’s Boxing Day sales.