How I ran the London Marathon for free

The London Marathon. It's one of the marathons around that is likely to be on most marathon runners' bucket lists. But with more people entering the ballot each year than there are places, the chances of getting a place are slim unless you've got a Good for Age time or a charity place. So, how did I manage to run the London Marathon for free?

Your comprehensive checklist: What to pack for an overseas marathon

Running a race abroad or in another city is a decision you won't never regret. It is the perfect excuse for a holiday, to discover a new area or country. As this post goes live, I'll be on a train heading to Boston (in the UK!) for my third marathon. This is the ultimate checklist for your overseas race and to get you ready for the starting line.

Shrink it and pink it: Sportswear brands and their obsession with pink

I was at a discussion group for a well-known sports brand recently. They asked each of us what we look for when we go shopping for sportswear or trainers. It was my turn and I mentioned, among many things, that the trainers cannot be white or pink. "Why no to pink?" they asked.

Is exercise the new elitism: Sweatstagram and the rise of fitness

I'm really happy to see a lot of discussion has taken place after my first post in this mini series examining whether exercise is the new elitism. Clearly, it's something that a lot of people feel strongly about and, it turns out, is a subject where a lot of people have hold sort of opinion. Whether you exercise or are a dedicated fan to a particular sport or fitness class/studio, you're bound to have a view. 

Is exercise the new elitism?: The cost factor

At the start of any new year, there is often pressure from all sorts of corners of life to exercise, to be healthier, to drink less. But, are we just hiding behind a new form of snobbery and looking down upon those less active?

Tips to help you achieve a sub-4 hour marathon

With most people now starting their training for the upcoming marathon season in spring, this week on The Fit Londoner, I thought I would share with you the techniques I used when training for Verona Marathon, where I achieved my sub-4 hour marathon.