Is exercise the new elitism: Sweatstagram and the rise of fitness

I'm really happy to see a lot of discussion has taken place after my first post in this mini series examining whether exercise is the new elitism. Clearly, it's something that a lot of people feel strongly about and, it turns out, is a subject where a lot of people have hold sort of opinion. Whether you exercise or are a dedicated fan to a particular sport or fitness class/studio, you're bound to have a view. 

Is exercise the new elitism?: The cost factor

At the start of any new year, there is often pressure from all sorts of corners of life to exercise, to be healthier, to drink less. But, are we just hiding behind a new form of snobbery and looking down upon those less active?

Tips to help you achieve a sub-4 hour marathon

With most people now starting their training for the upcoming marathon season in spring, this week on The Fit Londoner, I thought I would share with you the techniques I used when training for Verona Marathon, where I achieved my sub-4 hour marathon.

2017: How I aim to improve this year

2016 was the best year The Fit Londoner has had in a while. There has been some real uncertainty and downs in my personal life over the past few years, which I haven't mentioned on the blog. But last year, I started to see the bright light at the end of the tunnel. The dark times  are over (touch wood) and with what I learnt, I aim to go bigger and better in 2017.  Here are eight changes I'm making in 2017. 

The Fit Londoner Covers: The Best Christmas Sales for all Your Fit Kit

It’s that time of the year again where you wander if those leggings you’ve been lusting over will finally make it into your new year’s fit kit wardrobe. The Fit Londoner loves the Christmas sales because this is when you can really find a good sale item.

Black Friday may have only been round the corner but the post Christmas Day sales are where it’s at for The Fit Londoner. The new year is fast approaching and what better way to start the new year with a revamp and additions to your fit kit wardrobe?

The Fit Londoner has scoured the web for the best Christmas sales in fit kit just for you .

Happy Shopping!

Building a movement: Encouraging and celebrating women of all colours in fitness

Flicking through fitness magazines. Scrolling through photos of #fitspo and #girlswholift. Looking at adverts related to fitness brands. They all share a common thread.

Verona Marathon 2016: The Race Report

What a long weekend in Verona I had. All the pizza and pasta I could dream of with all the espressos and cappucinos - not after morning though, after all, thou shalt only drink milk in the morning in Italy This was the weekend. The weekend of Verona Marathon.