How to become confident with cycling

Before I started my training in November 2017 for Ironman UK 2018, the last time I had been on a bike was a slightly traumatic experience six years ago. Before that, I hadn’t been on a bike since I was probably about 12. I swore to myself I’d never go on a bike. Ha. How things changed. So how did I become *a little bit* more confident with cycling?

Ironman training: Five things I've learnt about running

Swim, bike, run; out of all three disciplines, running is one that feels the easiest during the triathlon. I don't have to think about a wetsuit, whether my goggles will get knocked off by another swimmer,  whether I'm using the correct gearing when cycling up a hill or if I need to pedal or freewheel on a descent. I've found that triathletes don't really talk about running as much as they may talk about swimming or cycling and coming from an ultra-running background, I did wonder what I'd learn about running during Ironman training, so here goes.

Ironman training: Five things I've learnt about swimming

Ironman training is a steep learning curve. Especially for someone like myself, whose never done a triathlon or hasn't previously been the most confident for swimmers. My previous post on what I'd learnt about cycling left some people debating about whether cyclists do jus drink coffee, so let's see what you all think about my lessons from swimming.

Ironman training: Five things I've learnt about cycling

Ironman UK is set for 15 July 2018. Almost every aspect of my training for the triathlon is brand-spanking new to me. Sometimes I wonder if I would have thrown myself with such gusto into this training if I had entered Ironman UK with triathlon experience under my belt.

It's been over two months since I started training for the big race, and with that, I've learnt so much about each of the disciplines and I thought I'd share this with a short light-hearted series from my perspective as a new triathlete. Let's start with cycling.

Swimming Nature: swimming and mastering technique

I've never been so hyperaware of a date as I am with Ironman UK (Sunday 15 July 2018, in case you forgot). There's this constant worry in the back of my mind as to whether I'm making progress and whether I'm making progress at a pace  that will set me up for good stead on race day. Swimming and cycling are the real bugbears during this training and play a huge part in my confidence-build up for race day. My last two lessons with Swimming Nature gave me lots to think about with swimming and what I need to work on between now and race day.

Ironman and triathlons: How to get swimming confident

I haven't touched on my current training goal on The Fit Londoner, but if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you'll know it's big. Really big. We're talking about Ironman. Gulp. I still can't get used to saying it. Coming from a not-so-confident swimming and no-triathlon background, my lessons with Swimming Nature are going to play a big part in getting me water and swimming confident. 

Women in sport: An Indian weightlifter's experience

There's no denying that women have become more and more interested in sports and exercise over the past few years. As a gender, we are doing and achieving so much. But break this down into ethnicity participation. Why do we still find it hard to get Asian women involved? Those following me on Instagram will know I've signed up Ironman and I ask you to join in on defying expectations altogether, whatever it may be. Today's guest post is by weightlifter, Pooja, and her experiences of getting into sport as an Indian.