Wadi Rum Ultra marathon 2018: The Race Report

To round off a year of big challenges, including my first triathlon and Ironman UK, I ticked 'completing a multi-stage ultra marathon' off my bucket list by taking part in the Wadi Rum Ultra marathon 2018. Set in the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan, the multistage desert race covers running just over 250km in five days. So what was it like?

Can you train for an Ironman with only £1000 to spend on ALL the gear?

Triathlon is well known as being one of the most expensive sporting habits to have out there. Combining the costs of swimming, cycling and running, it all racks up. And well, the longer the distance, the more money is spent on gear. With Ironman and other iron distance triathlons, besides it all culminating in a very long day out and the hours spent training for it, many choose not to do it because of the costs. I'm not going to lie - Ironman UK was expensive. But I want to show you that an Ironman or other iron distance event is possible by spending less than £1000 on gear, with tips on how to spend less. 

Ironman UK 2018: The Race Report

And so the day was here. After nine solid months of training, with lots of highs and lows, the day was here: Ironman UK 2018. What was it like? Is it worth the £480 entry fee (or whatever I paid)? What did I honestly think about it?

Ironman UK 2018: Race week and the days leading up to Ironman UK

I don’t know where to start. It’s taken me over a week to write this -my brain has been filled so many thoughts. And if you’re reading this, thinking what is she even talking about (umm… that’s when I ask you where have you been the past nine months?), I only went and did Ironman UK and crossed the finish line on a warm - and still quite bright - Sunday evening on 15 July. So what did I, someone who had a crippling deep water phobia and only buying my road bike in November 2017 (and going back to the shop to ask if they had sold me a bike without gears… because…err…WHERE WERE THEY?) think of Ironman? Would I do it again?

How to become confident with cycling

Before I started my training in November 2017 for Ironman UK 2018, the last time I had been on a bike was a slightly traumatic experience six years ago. Before that, I hadn’t been on a bike since I was probably about 12. I swore to myself I’d never go on a bike. Ha. How things changed. So how did I become *a little bit* more confident with cycling?

Ironman training: Five things I've learnt about running

Swim, bike, run; out of all three disciplines, running is one that feels the easiest during the triathlon. I don't have to think about a wetsuit, whether my goggles will get knocked off by another swimmer,  whether I'm using the correct gearing when cycling up a hill or if I need to pedal or freewheel on a descent. I've found that triathletes don't really talk about running as much as they may talk about swimming or cycling and coming from an ultra-running background, I did wonder what I'd learn about running during Ironman training, so here goes.

Ironman training: Five things I've learnt about swimming

Ironman training is a steep learning curve. Especially for someone like myself, whose never done a triathlon or hasn't previously been the most confident for swimmers. My previous post on what I'd learnt about cycling left some people debating about whether cyclists do jus drink coffee, so let's see what you all think about my lessons from swimming.